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Medlock Ames

Graphic design  ::  Iconography, Branding, POS piece

If you entice me with wine, you are bound to get great design in return, and the great people at Medlock Ames Winery in Napa Valley were happy to share their product when I delivered on a group of signature icons.

Taking cues from the existing logo, I created six symbols to represent Ames' natural way of winemaking. I felt the icons were a little too nice for use only on their website, and I pitched for the winery to produce some eco-friendly wine-mats showcasing the work. They loved the idea, made them, and gave them away as gifts to their club members.

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Product Design  ::  User experience, User interface, Logo, Wireframes

In 2013, Docstoc was bought by Intuit's QuickBooks and continues to work, service, and function as one of the internet's premiere document libraries. However, back in 2007 this valuable, viable product was merely a thought in the back of the founder and future CEO's mind.

Jason Nazar, said entrepreneur, needed a logo for his website, but even more so, he was in need of his idea to be transformed into something visually concrete — he needed to see how it would look, how it would function, and he needed a blueprint for his development team to start building. 

Working virtually side by side by with Jason, I designed the site, page by page, and after a year of building and beta testing the site was launched in 2008. The user experience and interface seen today is still modeled after the designs I created when this start-up began almost a decade ago.

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Philips Brand & Recruitment Videos

Art direction  ::  Brand management, Cinematography

Art direction can be challenging, at times stressful, but so rewarding and enriching; it is one of my favorite hats to wear. So, in 2014, when Philips needed a hand on a shoot in Shanghai, I excitedly accepted.

Philips refreshed their iconic brand and developed a need for a series of brand videos to aid in recruitment. My role was to replace the Art Director for the Chinese based videos, and to make sure quality and direction continued seamlessly as planned. 

Keeping the videos on brand and properly telling Philips' message was top priority, and was accomplished successfully. Out of thirty videos made, five were Chinese based, and the project was so well received Philips is currently in production with another series.

How Joanne Tang makes an impact developing Air products in Shanghai
How Janice builds the business case for innovative solutions ...
How Guo Ning makes an impact improving air quality
How Chantal makes an impact improving air quality

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Wheel of Fortune: Cubed

UX/UI Design  ::  Development of gameplay, Cube development

Because of the work I did for EA's American Idol App, Sony contacted me in early 2013 to define the User Interface and User Experience for a new game based off the famous television show Wheel of Fortune. 

They explained the concept — a word-puzzle based off a magic cube — and provided some basic sketches as a brief. I delivered a handful of comps detailing how the cube could work and function within the game. Sony was extremely happy with the speed and quality of the deliverables, and were keen on one wire-frame in particular that is the basis for the gameplay today.

WOF: Cubed in the App Store on iTunes


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Philips Beauty

Packaging Design  ::  Conception, Image production/creation, Brand management

If there is a visual design problem to be solved, I'm eager to get my creativity involved and come up with an elegant solution. This is exactly why Philips Design contacted me with an issue they had with epilator packs for the Middle Eastern market. This packaging cannot show models revealing too much, if any, skin. 

Along with these limitations, the entire market's aesthetic had to be considered and interpreted into a completely new presentation. Working closely with Marketing Managers and the Lead Designers, I provided solutions that were then implemented, and put onto shelves with great reception.

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West-Ward Pharmaceuticals

Branding  ::  Logo, Corporate identity, Packaging, Website, Collateral 

The board of West-Ward Pharmaceuticals felt their 20-year-old corporate brand identity was not as fresh as their pressed, white lab coats. West-Ward needed a "one-stop shop" to execute this full re-brand — that shop was me.

This opportunity allowed me the flexibility and control to re-envision and create a new brand from square one. Starting with a mark, logo, and corporate identity, I slowly built the brand by designing, developing, and delivering a clean, custom, CMS website. Finally, I designed and delivered a full packaging platform and style guide that is maintained and well received to date.


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Deeper, G&G, and JTL

Graphic Design  ::  Logos, Letterhead, Website, ID

Saul Bass and Paul Rand are inspirations to me. Their amazing and huge catalogue of graphic design work dazzle me, and both men's logos have an obvious influence on my work. To keep my design chops fresh, I'm always working on a logo or identity in hopes to be compared to someone like Mr. Rand or Mr. Bass one day.

Deeper Productions settled on the logo you see on the black card — they were so impressed with their choices I offered, it took them ages to make a final cut.

Gordon & Gordon, a boutique accounting firm in Los Angeles, needed a re-brand of their identity and materials, and I was more than happy to oblige and deliver a complete corporate identity system.

The lovely ladies at Jewelry Tattoo Lab contacted me — also in need of a logo for their brilliant, Paris-based start-up. And once more, they were so pleased with my work, I went on to help design and create their first line of temporary tattoos.

Deeper Productions' film: Rist ja Viletsus
Gordon & Gordon
Jewelry Tattoo Lab

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Philips Avent Illustration Strategy 

Brand Strategy  ::  Illustration, Graphic design, Strategic consultating

Philips Avent has some gorgeous, clean, and well designed glass bottles on the market which any mother would be proud to put in their babe's mouth. To supplement this premium range, Philips have a more colorful and decorative line of bottles and cups. A style had been set in years past, but the time had come for a change and a look toward the brand's future.

Included amongst a small team of fellow designers and illustrators, I helped create Philips' illustration strategy guide for the decorations on bottles, soothers, and other various products. The illustrations and strategy guidelines will be implemented and seen at market in the near future — this will be a big departure from current Avent and competitors' offerings.

Philips Avent — Mother & Child Care